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It’s Not
Just a Service.
It’s a Choice!

Working With Commercial Clients & Refinishing Their Elevators and Marble Lobby Floors Since 1989

Architectural Metal & Stone Restoration Company BASED in Florida

AMESCO is an architectural metal and stone refinishing company working with commercial clients and servicing the global marketplace. As a leading provider of architectural services, AMESCO offers restoration, maintenance, and preservation of commercial and historical properties. We provide top-of-the-line solutions to ensure optimum client satisfaction.

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Choosing the Right Company

In the current competitive marketplace, selecting a company with talented staff, cutting-edge technologies, and a stellar reputation in the sector is more crucial than ever. Since architectural metals and stones are prone to deterioration, they need expertise to be handled. If damaged, the architectural metals and stones can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get repaired or replaced. Therefore, it is vital to choose the best refinishing company for restoration needs.

At AMESCO, we offer complete restoration services for architectural metals and stones with skilled employees and innovative technology.

Expertise & Achievement

AMESCO has worked with and continues with some of the most upscale, pristine, commercial, and historic properties throughout the US. We have been in the industry since 1989, offering exclusive refinishing services to our prestigious clients.


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Scott Tocher, Director of Resistances,
Ritz-Carlton - Sarasota, FL

"I wanted to thank you for the excellent work your team did on our brass elevators. Thank you again."

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Diane Brooks, Property Manager,
The Towers of Westshore - Tampa, FL

"The work is amazing. Very professional and very high quality and performance. Thank you!
Great company to do business with."

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John Moss, Guest Experience Manager,
Gland Floridian Resort - Orlando, FL

"Your team is doing an exceptional job of ensuring the equipment our Bellmen use - the bell carts are a source of pride for them, and to show the standard we have here for a luxury resort destination such as the Grand Floridian Resort and working with your company to achieve these results makes me feel great. Thank you!"

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Deborah Kenney, Facility Manager,
Zenith Insurance Co. - Sarasota, FL

"The Lobby floor looks beautiful. It's always a pleasure doing business with your company.
It's very refreshing to see a company that from beginning to end is professional and delivers
high quality workmanship and service. I appreciate working with such a high qua performance group of people."

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Tina Harry, Magic Kingdom,
Walt Disney Co. - Orlando, FL

"I wanted to tell you that I took a look at Casey's doors and WOW!! What a great job! I am so impressed, and that doesn't happen often..."