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Speaking Our Language

AMESCO flooring technicians are experts in the area of stone and metal restoration and as experts when you hear us talking about our work, our passion – it’s almost as if we have our own language. Here are some definitions that may be useful.

Three Primary Finishes: When we are talking about how you’d like your flooring to look like after we’re “finished” these are the options.
1. Polished: glossy surface that will reflect light and will emphasize the color and markings of the material.
2. Honed: this is a satin smooth surface with relatively low reflection of light. This may be the choice of finish for high traffic areas where a polished surface would be worn off.
3. Flamed: is a rough textured surface, often used on granite.

As these are the primary types of finishes, there are a variety of other finishes that are available just let our professionals at AMESCO meet your needs.
Lippage: a condition where one edge of a stone is higher than adjacent edges, giving the finish and uneven appearance.
Poultice: a liquid cleaner or chemical mixed with a white absorbent material to form a thick, stain-removing paste.
Refinishing: repolishing or honing of dull, once-polished marble, limestone or granite flooring or walls.
Renovation: the cleaning and repolishing of neglected dimensions of stone surfaces
Restoration: large scale remedial actions taken to bring back a surface to its original or “near original” condition.
Here at AMESCO we aim to meet your flooring needs!

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